( INTERMATIC - 2018 )

November 19 - 23, 2018 Moscow

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation,
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Condensed Matter Physics Research Council of the RAS,
Russian Foundation for Basic Research,
Federal Agency of Communications,
Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics RAS,

MIREA - Russian Technological University,

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics

Committee Chair - Academician Sigov A.S.

Deputy Chair: Academician Gulyaev Yu.V.
Scientific Secretaries: Luchnikov A.P. (RTU MIREA), Orlov V.G. (MTUCI)


  1. Radiophysics and applied physics;

  2. Thin films nanomaterials and nanostructures;

  3. Prospective electronics components;

  4. High technologies and equipment;

  5. Optoelectronics and devices based on quantum effects;

  6. Microdevices and microsystems engineering;

  7. Solid-state functional blocks of radioelectronic equipment;

  8. Telecommunication and information devices and systems;

  9. Electronic devices and security systems;

  10. Diagnostics, quality and reliability.

Scientists, engineers and postgraduate students are invited to discuss a wide range of topics including applied physics, modeling, high technologies and equipment in the development of new advanced materials and components of radioelectronic equipment, highly efficient devices, telecommunication and information systems, new principles of construction and application of electronic devices, as well as to share experiences and marketing.


To participate yon have to be should registered at the conference website, then through website personal page using registration data it should apply for the appropriate conference and indicate name and type of presentation (oral, poster, remote), a brief abstract (2 - 3 sentences), personal data of presenting author and co-authors.

Manuscript prepared in accordance with the manuscript preparation rules must be submitted online to the Organizing Committee through the personal website page in Microsoft Word (packed by ZIP or RAR).

Conference website:

E-mail the Organizing Committee:

Tel. / fax. +7 (495) 306-26-64 (from 10.00 to 22.00),

personal mail:

Aleksandr P. Luchnikov

Proceedings will be published online before the conference beginning as a separate volume.

Manuscript preparation

Working languages - English and Russian.

Text editor - Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 or later. Font - Arial. Font size - 11 pt. Spacing - single.

The text on page A4 in the conditional frame 160 x 245 mm (full page coverage). Margins: left - 25 mm, right - 25 mm, top - 20 mm, bottom - 28 mm.

Figure captions - font - 10 pt.

Drawings in black and white. Figure legend should be clear in compliance with the proportions of digital signs.

Manuscript examples can be viewed online:

The conference will be held in MIREA - Russian Technological University

Address: Vernadsky prospect, 78, Moscow,119454, Russia.